One of my own personal pet projects is to work with people who are looking at starting their own business. So often the information about what is available to you is so jargon ridden that you understand less about it than when you started reading up on it. WE DON’T DO JARGON. 


We are available at times that suit you. The last thing you need, when you are busy during the day, is your accountant to arrive to discuss your VAT. Among our clients we have people who like to see us at 6am, before they open their business, others like to see us at 7pm after they close.


Further to this we like to do this at a reasonable cost. We charge based on the work involved. We can work with you, putting proper procedures in place, to ensure that the final cost to you is as low as possible. Cost effective helps with increased profits.


By proper planning you can prevent the likelihood of fraud occurring within your business. We can ensure that proper anti-fraud procedures are in place, thus reducing the risks and losses so many companies feel every year.


Working with you, we can make your record keeping process very easy, and non-time consuming. We can also arrange to do all the record keeping for you. 


As the legislation continues to change, and with the costly purchase of wage packet software and updates, we can compile all your payslips, your P30 and P35 returns normally for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.


The amount of people who fail to claim credits etc they are entitled to is astounding. We can compile your company income tax (corporation tax) or your personal Income Tax returns. 


Maybe your business is growing, or you feel you are better suited as a Company. We can offer guidance and again compile all the paperwork to get you up and running.


Working with our specially selected partners we can arrange to look at your business, and help you plan a strategy for the next phase of your development. Whether that is to help you take your idea and turn it into a viable business, or help you expand into new markets, or just help you get a bigger slice of current markets then we can offer support in this too.

I look forward to speaking with and meeting you very soon.